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          D5、D7、D9.52Air conditioner two machine slitting machine
          Product introduction: The two is a variety of scrap cutting pieces of copper and aluminum, the main specifications of single crusher, crusher, multi-layer hierarchical segmentation machine, 3 specifications and a variety of products at the same time crushing machine, fully meet all the needs of customers of different types are broken.
          • Product details

          D5 \ D7 \ d9.52 air conditioner two unit Slitter, Slitter, Slitter, copper aluminum Slitter

          Product introduction:

          This equipment is specially designed and manufactured for the scrapping and dismantling process of evaporator and condenser. It belongs to the nature of special equipment. Its function is to use the cutter to separate the aluminum foil of the two air conditioners, and then squeeze the aluminum foil through the extrusion sheet to separate the aluminum foil and copper tube of the two air conditioners. The main specifications include single-layer, multi-layer cutting and crushing, multi-layer segmentation, 3-specification simultaneous crushing and other diversified products, which fully meet the needs of customers for crushing various types of products.

          Product features:

          1. The system is stable and reliable: the main electric components are imported or domestic famous brand products, with reliable performance and long service life

          2. System safety, Humanization: the installation of national superior grating and other elements, with safety protection measures, can effectively prevent misoperation and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

          3. Easy and light operation: manual feeding, automatic cutting; through simple manual shaft change adjustment, it can deal with the cutting of two air conditioners with different diameters, such as Ф 7, Ф 9.52, etc.

          4. Reduce cost and increase revenue: one machine can replace two people's labor, greatly reduce labor cost, improve work efficiency and increase revenue for the factory.

          2、 Main parameters of equipment

          1. Use requirements

          1) . working system: continuous operation 24 hours a day.

          2) Working environment: the equipment shall meet the environmental conditions of Party A's factory.

          3) . power supply: 3-phase 380V; voltage fluctuation range ± 10%.

          4) Ambient temperature: (0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃), relative humidity: 60-95% RH

          Changsha Hong Gao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
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