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          Company profile

          LOCATION:HOME >ABOUT>Company profile

          Changsha Hong Gao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in known as "landscape city" called Hunan Changsha Liuyang national economic and Technological Development Zone,The factory covers an area of nearly 4000 square meters, is a country relying on the technical support of automation equipment in scientific research, production and sales of high-tech R & D and manufacturing enterprises, successively with the Central South University, Hunan International Economics University and a number of advanced scientific research and Technology Department of colleges and universities to establish a good talent delivery platform, and has introduced more than 20 technology research and development team.

          Since its inception, the company is committed to automation equipment research and development, design, production and marketing. At present, we have successfully developed pipeline processing equipment for air conditioning, solar energy, water heaters, plumbing, sanitary ware, compressors and other industries. It has become a high-tech enterprises with independent intellectual property rights of the series, Philip expert with non-standard automation equipment development and manufacturing experience, with a number of research and development of mechanical automation professionals, high quality equipment and good service, so that companies in the industry to enjoy a good beer.

          The company main customers include Guangdong TCL, Galanz, CHIGO, Changhong, Midea, Hisense Kelon and other well-known domestic appliances manufacturers, the international market, the company has with the soil and the ARCELIK, India Suzlon Energy Ltd. Vietnam, Cong, ty, TNHH, Phu, Hai and other foreign industrial manufacturing enterprises to establish good relations of cooperation.

          In the tide of the market in the future, Philip high staff will meet the challenge with more enthusiasm and efforts to technology innovation, talent based, with market demand as the basis, is committed to become the industry leader and make unremitting efforts.

          Changsha Hong Gao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
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